SO last night when i was ignoring whatever was on TV and playing Clash of Clans i happened to look up at one piont and see a Cam Neuton commercial promoting Beets by Dre.  Nothing new here ACCEPT for the fact that it accurred to me that “what is this commercial really telling me rihght now?” And the answer was telling: Beets weaken you’re immunity to the outside world. which explanes why Cam was so sensitive and walked off the pendulem during his post-loss Super bowl presser when he heard his apponent talking about him. PC pussification of America continues.

Now follks its no secret that im not a doctor or a rocket appliance but the perpindiculars here are just too strong to ignore. this is EXACTLY like how i red on the innernet that the over-prescribtion of anti-probiotics weakens you’re ammune system- goes both ways -if your allways blocking out the h8ers by putting on Beets Earmuffs, the second you take them off your more vulnerrable then ever. People forget things like this in the passed have become not only epidemics but transformered into pandemics and this could turn into something way worst- a Camdemic.



DEXATI20160125195756Well i’d be lying if i said this one doesn’t sting folks. Ron Riviera apparetnly didnt read ANY of my keys to victory so obviously this is the result.  Now its well-documented that i dont reconize any superb owls as legitamite since the Eagles didn’t win any, HOWEVER this one seriously needs to be negated and the trophy needs to be handed back to mr. Lombardi himself. Hears why:


Listen the fact that they named this criminal the MVP might be the most insulting slap in the face to the intelligents of us fans their has ever been.  Not only did this convict endulge himself with the Devils’ Lettuce, but people forget that he tried to cheat the test and get out of the embarrassment of smoking the reefer in the first place.  IMO smoking Marijuana is a illegal act enough to be thrown into jail for years, and when u expontetailly add in that he tryed to cheat the testing system -folks this man needs to be deported to Guantanamo ASAP.

Now if thats not enough evidents to convince you this Superb owl doesn’t count in the history books than your just a lost cause and not a American tbh.  This country was founded upon morals, principals and elite quaterbacks and lets get real none of those things existed in that spectacle last night. Thank god Beyonce was there to redeem the entire night.


Well folks todays’ the big game so its only right that i provide the keys to a victory for my #1 and ##2 favourite players aka Cams newton and Josh Normin.

A.  win by halftime

everyone nows that Carolinea is not a 2nd half team so it goes to show that if they win by hfalftime that should seal it.

2.give Cam the ball

this might seem like calm and cents however. IF he doesn’t get enough touches it just confirms that theyre coach is taking a page out of Chips Kellys’ playbook aka a racist.

D. Steal Payton’s HGH

look im no detective accept for when my friends call me Detective McPickles BUT it is no secret that Peyton’s taking HGH and using his wife as a escape goat. If Carolina intents to actually play to win they need to go the Belicheat route and get creative -this means stealing or replacing his HGH with papa johns’ sauce in pill form.



Okay folks its about time someone came out and started a reel blog about the real realitees of whats going on in todays’ lamestream PC sports world.  I may have said im done with all sports during the first quater of the Eagle’s first game this year, however, just like my taste buds my word is completely irrelephant so hear we go.

1.  If you aren’t rooting for Cam Newton than your a racist.

This one is an easy one folks.  Its clear as day that if you root for a white QB instead of a showboating, sneezing, african-American gentlemen that allso happens to play QB than your the real racist.  You need to ask yourself, have you ever even tried The Dab? Didnt thinkso.  Case closed- racist.

2.  Not sports-related but all ketchups taste the exact same.

I know this for a fact because i tried a blind taste test.

3.  Their is just no way any sports are fixed whatosever.

At this leval of competition, even with Hitler running the NFL, the amrican public

is just too smart and wel-informed to get dooped.  No chance theyre fixing this stuff folks.