People always take it for granite that Peyton Manning was elite.  We are contstantly bombarded by ESPN, budweiser, and uncle papa letting us know he’s elite. HOWEVER has anyone even fact-checked these sourceS? Folks as far as i can tell Chris Broustard is the only media pundit who makes shore he has it RIGHT before firing off breaking knews- ask marc Cuban.  Let’s take a gander at the facts hear: 

Definition of Elite: a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.

Definition of Manning: verb (used with object), manned, MANNING.
21.to furnish with men, as for service or defense.
22.to take one’s place for service, as at a gun or post:
to man the ramparts.

Now as far as i can see that is allmost as un-elite as you can get, by definition. Just another cog in the meal. In today’s socail media/blogging/twidiot/facebook mom culture, no one even bothers with speling, grammer, or even definitons- that’s what a word means folks. Clearly no1 even bothered to fact check manning on his elite status or we’d never have to now go back and revise all the hitstory books. Thanks obama.


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