Folks its not everyday that we get to experience a Allstar weekend innertwined with the release of the Album of the Universe in the same weekend. Now many of you may not know how i feel about Kanye west but guess what: prepare to be inlightened. This m̶a̶n̶ God is a true genius amongst meer mortals. Besides the fact that hes in debt $53MM and marry’d a ponrstar and is publically begging Zuckerburg for a bail-out and at 1st listen i couldn’t make it threw a single song on the album, he still managed to create the greatest albumm of all time 4 times in a row. Simply unstobbable.

Now as Far as PAyton Manning is concerned i just dont care. I like papa johns and sometimes budweiser and sometimes pizza and beer are just more impotent then if he combo-mooned-&-teabagged a trainer and teammate simultaniously. Folks ppl forget this happend 20 years ago and ppl should forget that.  Hell if i was expected to act like a adult 20 years ago i’d be in alot of trouble two.  If theirs one thing that Roger hitler Goodell has taught me is that if they’res no video than it simply did not happen. Just get back out on the feild and pump some HGH into that noodle arm and win me some damn fantisy points- literaly all it comes down too.

PSS i do real eyes that its been a few days since my last post: this is due too the fact that there was a epic blizzard in witch almost 3 full inches acummulated and i drive a Fiat.


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