Seriosly what do we even watch now.  Not only do I have to deal with the pain, suffering & embarrisment of my favourite team loosing on the biggest stage in the World, but now theirs just literally nothing to watch (except DVRs of Stephen A. Smith vs. Skip) all day long. Folks this time of the year is often referred to as the “Dead Zone” in the sports media lanscape, similar to when your driving on the highway and u dont pass a Arby’s for more than 10 miles- literally nothing to eat until minicamps start. Fortunitely this also coincides with the least dissappointing time of year for Eagles fans.  After going back-to-back-toback Offseason Champs since the year 2011 when we aquired Nnamdi Asomooga, we have yet to be defeated in this time zone.  Personaly I credit the one and only Howie Rosemen for this epic run of gold-standard-esque signings, tradings and cuttings.  Folks ppl allways forget that since Chip took away GM powers from MR. Rosemen we have also obtained a new coach by the name of Doug Pedestrian- a man who loves Nick Foles almost as much as I love the #3 Combo from the aforementioned Arby’s.  IF theirs one thing i’ve learned from my passion for this sandwich its that Dough Pederson will not rest until his craving for Nick Foles is satisfied.  Thats right ladies & gentleman: prepare for The Return of The Rise.


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