Well folks todays’ the big game so its only right that i provide the keys to a victory for my #1 and ##2 favourite players aka Cams newton and Josh Normin.

A.  win by halftime

everyone nows that Carolinea is not a 2nd half team so it goes to show that if they win by hfalftime that should seal it.

2.give Cam the ball

this might seem like calm and cents however. IF he doesn’t get enough touches it just confirms that theyre coach is taking a page out of Chips Kellys’ playbook aka a racist.

D. Steal Payton’s HGH

look im no detective accept for when my friends call me Detective McPickles BUT it is no secret that Peyton’s taking HGH and using his wife as a escape goat. If Carolina intents to actually play to win they need to go the Belicheat route and get creative -this means stealing or replacing his HGH with papa johns’ sauce in pill form.


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