DEXATI20160125195756Well i’d be lying if i said this one doesn’t sting folks. Ron Riviera apparetnly didnt read ANY of my keys to victory so obviously this is the result.  Now its well-documented that i dont reconize any superb owls as legitamite since the Eagles didn’t win any, HOWEVER this one seriously needs to be negated and the trophy needs to be handed back to mr. Lombardi himself. Hears why:


Listen the fact that they named this criminal the MVP might be the most insulting slap in the face to the intelligents of us fans their has ever been.  Not only did this convict endulge himself with the Devils’ Lettuce, but people forget that he tried to cheat the test and get out of the embarrassment of smoking the reefer in the first place.  IMO smoking Marijuana is a illegal act enough to be thrown into jail for years, and when u expontetailly add in that he tryed to cheat the testing system -folks this man needs to be deported to Guantanamo ASAP.

Now if thats not enough evidents to convince you this Superb owl doesn’t count in the history books than your just a lost cause and not a American tbh.  This country was founded upon morals, principals and elite quaterbacks and lets get real none of those things existed in that spectacle last night. Thank god Beyonce was there to redeem the entire night.


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