Okay folks its about time someone came out and started a reel blog about the real realitees of whats going on in todays’ lamestream PC sports world.  I may have said im done with all sports during the first quater of the Eagle’s first game this year, however, just like my taste buds my word is completely irrelephant so hear we go.

1.  If you aren’t rooting for Cam Newton than your a racist.

This one is an easy one folks.  Its clear as day that if you root for a white QB instead of a showboating, sneezing, african-American gentlemen that allso happens to play QB than your the real racist.  You need to ask yourself, have you ever even tried The Dab? Didnt thinkso.  Case closed- racist.

2.  Not sports-related but all ketchups taste the exact same.

I know this for a fact because i tried a blind taste test.

3.  Their is just no way any sports are fixed whatosever.

At this leval of competition, even with Hitler running the NFL, the amrican public

is just too smart and wel-informed to get dooped.  No chance theyre fixing this stuff folks.


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