Folks this might be a klee-shay but its true what they say- theyre really is no NFL offseason. Each day represents another compelling storyline, another conspiricy, or another police report that needs our undivided intention. This week is no different as we get to witness the specticle that has came to be nown as NFL Combo Weak wear we get to watch the up and comers work out in spandex for hours on end. Now its no seacret that since the Sandusky story broke i’ve sworn off my alma-matter Pen State and college football alltogether- totaly dead to me. HOWever this is the point in these young athleats lives where i now start paying attention: there first interview for the esteamed NFL live on Nashional Televison.

Now Just like everyother big NFL event here come’s some of my keys to victory for these aspiring underware models:​

​1. Speaking of Combos, i’d like to go on the record 2 state that my favorite Combo of All Time is the Arby’s #4 Combo; simply just cant despute the deliciosness of the Beef n’ Cheddar classic. Goes without saying this is allso my sons’ favorite to.

2. Speaking of Food, it resently came to my atention that there is a establishment by the name of Condiment opening up in Philly. Groundbreaking stuff folks: u get to mix your own conddiments into a mixsture of exactly what you want. Only problem with this is its been well-established that i have no idea what my taste buds are telling me- could be a language barrier, could be the brands im eating, or it could even be Supercells’ fault: who knows.  Bottom line hear is that i am extremely pumped to mix together a nice blend of Hunt’s, French’s and maybee even some Fancy catsup since as we’ve previously discovered, all ketchups are exactly the same to me.

In conclusion we got a tad side-tract there but the point remains: these rookies better get there combo knowlege up or they will get eaten alive out their.


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