Completely disregard my colum from yesterday as I somehow forgot this is actually my favorite weekend of the entire year.  Ppl forget that.  Anyway this weekend is literaly as good as sports watching weekends get folks- what more can you ask for then a Rising Stars/JV game, a dunk contest, a 3 point extravaganza , and finally Carmelo Anthonys’ House Party aka the all star game. If whoever the commisioner is had any sense he’d wake up and real eyes that he needs to me more like H̶i̶t̶l̶e̶r̶ Goodell and force LeBron to do the dunk contest once and for all but thats neither here nor hare.  My main point hear is that i one day would like to take my furture family to NBA alls tar weekend- just a wholesome, safe good old-fashoned fun environmint for ppl of all backrounds to injoy.  MAybe even get real crazy and road trip it in the Mini-Cooper with 3 daily stops at Arby’s or Taco Bell on the way: who knows.  IMO this country honestly needs to learn to celebate this weekends festivitees alot more.- Make Alls tar Weekend Great Again America.


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