Sam Bradford will never succedd in the nfl with his current uniform.  let’s taek a look at the facts hear:
A. no man has ever been a good leeder on the football feild with sleeves that look like he wants to be a wizard in harry potter.
2. just because u dress like the kicker dosent mean caleb sturjis cant still cost u the game, and
d. chip kelley can’t manage the game clock when he is to distracted trying to see the wind direction shown by bradfords’ sleeves. all facts
ppl forget that since nike started making nfl jerseys, sam bradford hasn’t won a playoff game, and neither has chip kely. before then it was all esteamed accolaids for b0th of them, including hiesmens, rookie of the years awards, and some important college bowl games so im told. then chip leaves oregon, wear the cEO of nike is a alumnis, and all in a sudden phil night is samatoging sams sleeves.  makes u think- maybe chip should of just stayed in school.


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