Lets be honest folks we’ve all ben thinking it.  Theirs literaly no other aspect of society beside’s Roethlisbergers basement where “no means no” is ignored more often.  Listen if i want a god damn thin mint than i’ll walk into the store and buy it- last time i checked; this is America.  A country founded upon morals, principals and elite quaterbacks where if you have a product to sell, you put it on the shelf, you do not harrass ppl until they order 10 cases of Samoas cause some 9 yr old wont take no for a answer. Folks if we allow our youth to learn themselves at this young a age to ignore the word no than when does itstop: you guessed it, cell block #9 unless u play qB for the stealers. Incouraging this type of behavior will only lead to bigger issues down the line and quite frankly i wont stand for it anylonger.  If theyre’s one thing i learned from the Oscars last nite its that reverse rapism is alive and well: sad day in America folks./


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